A 50% deposit fee is required to hold your spot. I have limited spaces and the deposit will insure that you are put in my calendar. The deposit is not an additional fee and will come off the original price of the session. The remaining balance is due on the scheduled day of the session, preferably before. 
I prefer PayPal, but cash works as well. If sending a deposit, please include your name, the date of the session, and an e-mail so I can ensure that you are placed in my calendar for the session. Deposits are nonrefundable if a shoot needs to be canceled. However, I do accept date changes because I understand things can come up.
I am more than happy to help when it comes to giving you the photos that you need. With that being said, I am pleased to offer a "pay what you can, when you can" option upon your request. Please note that I will not deliver photos until the full payment of your session is received. After I have received the full payment of your session, I will begin processing your photos and deliver them shortly after. Any session that is not paid off within 6 months of the original session date will be archived and no payments will be returned. 
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